Carver County, MN

Water quality can affect human health, the health and diversity of fish and wildlife, recreation, and aesthetics. Fish and wildlife are sensitive to changes in water quality. Human recreation such as swimming, boating, aesthetic enjoyment, and fishing are affected by water quality and are dependent upon the health of Carver County’s water.

The Water Management Organization is the water management authority for the Bevens, Carver, East & West Chaska, Pioneer Creek and Crow River watersheds. This department is responsible for the administration of five watersheds through the development and implementation of the Carver County Water Management Plan. The Department administers and enforces the Water Management Rules and is the lead agency on a variety of water related projects in cooperation with Environmental Services, Land Management, MN Extension, and the Carver SWCD.

  • Carver County Planning & Water Management
  • 600 East 4th Street, Chaska, MN
  • (952) 361-1825
  • Lakes monitored by Carver County
  • Lakes monitored by outside organizations
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